The Maternal Grandparents of Juan Matias

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The children of Santiago Silva (born in unknown location) and Maria Josefa Ponce de Leon (born in El Paso del Norte bap March 12, 1751)  are:

The marriage certificate of Maria Margarita mentions her parents, Santiago and Maria Josefa as being spanish residents of the ??  of San Jose .....Trampas. (near Picuris) Maria Josefa was baptised March 12, 1751 in El Paso de Norte. Her parents are listed as Juan Jose Ponce de Leon and Casilda Lucero de Godoy. Santiago is listed in 1790 census (these are notoriously inaccuate at times)as having been born in Trampas, NM. His parents were Franciso Silva and Gertrudis Cifuentes. A marriage record has not yet been found for Santiago and Maria Josefa as of this writing, though baptism records have been found for some of the children and Maria Josefa. Their son, Antonio, settled in the Tome, NM area. The birth records of San Lorenzo de Picuris also note that Maria Josefa and her son Mariano were godparents at the christening of Maria Carmen de los Dolores Villalpando July 22, 1792. Santiago was present at the wedding of Juan Padillo in El Paso del Norte and was listed as being from there in this document.