This database is a compilation of research done and contributions made by descendants and in-laws of Juan Matias Sanchez who include Elissa Hall, Rita Dowler, Howard Hoff, Gail McCarroll, Jeanette Nave, Arthur Sanchez, Joe Sanchez, the family of Francisco Sanchez, Marcus (Bud) Sanchez, Narcissa Sanchez, Tom Sanchez, Helen Weatherby, Vincent Weatherby, Robert Andrade and myself as well as many others whose contributions I am not presently aware of..  

Contributors who are descendants and in-laws of Juan Matias' brothers' and sisters' families include Miguel Aragon, Clara Garcia, Clara Martinez, Rose Valdez,  Bill Zamora and Thelma Suazo.

Others include Tomas Workman Temple II, Rudecinda LoBuglio (who got me inspired by giving me both of Juan's  marriage dates),Alexander King (thanks for that great geneology lesson, Alex!), Woody Woodard, and Paul Spitzzeri as well as many of the links you will find on the home page especially the Hispanic Geneological Research Center of New Mexico.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of every piece of information you will find here but believe on the whole it is pretty sound. Sources for much of what is here can be documented. However, discrepancies do occur and when they do, we like to know. If you have questions, corrections, additions for the family tree, or would like to contribute an article to be posted here, I would encourage you to email me  at . Your participation is most appreciated!

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